Woooh…. What a nice week I have in APAC. Actually, its my first week for the Basic Skills Training. I’m really learning a lot in this training. It seems like I’m getting more interested in speaking English in the American way more than ever. I learned techniques on how to speak words I never used to before. I also learned proper pronounciation, and intonation. I am practicing it everyday including liasoning sentences. Its really crazy, I didn’t thought I could be this interested in the language.

      What’s more is that our class is not like the usual class that I’ve been used to. I’m really enjoying it. We do a lot of funny stuff aside from the usual discussion. I am also slowly getting a lot friends and knowing a lot people at my work place. I can feel my life  in Makati again when I was an apprentice in SGV. But of course, this is not the usual workplace because this is a call center. It’s different from the auditing job that used too. The people here are very jolly. I think every now an then  we always have a party.

     I wish that the BST will never ends but of course life moves on. I’m looking forward for the future perhaps to be excellent in many ways in this company. Thank you APAC for opening your door for me!!!


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